Graceful Resolutions

One week into the new year and there are people who have already given up on the things they had resolved to do, be or work on this year.  I get it, you start out strong but for whatever reason are unable to do what you wanted to to the extent that you planned, so you quit.  Welcome the first wave of new years failures.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  Give yourself some grace.

I was going to use the first of the year to start another round of 100 days of 30 minutes of exercise.  I mean it’s 30 minutes, everyone has time for that, I can do that, I will do that. Right?

Enter monster head cold, busy work week, terrible weather etc.  I walked the first day and then just didn’t get it done the next couple.  I could elaborate on my series of reasonable excuses, but instead I choose to focus on giving myself grace.

I don’t need to justify my inability to come out of the gates swinging to myself or an anonymous internet.  What I do need to do is not let a couple days of trying to get better by taking it easy, derail my whole focus.  This too shall pass.  In the past I have beat myself up and powered through workouts, even when I’m on deaths door health wise, and in the long run burned out too soon.

Grace in the Christian faith has several definitions, it is the free and unmerited favor of God, and can also be defined as mercy, clemency or pardon.  It is this definition I seek when trying to focus on myself.  I will pardon myself from not straining to meet my own goals and resolutions to the standard I have set for myself, and with any luck, the sun will rise tomorrow, I will feel better, and I can once again pick up the challenge to better myself.

How about you?  Are you all or nothing?  Or can you give yourself some mercy too?

peace rose


Author: Razl

Wife. Mother. Daughter. Engineer. Writer. Planner. Momprenuer. Seeker. I am a mother to three beautiful children in my early thirties, married to Chris, and daughter to wonderful parents who live close, but not close enough. I am finding my way through being a woman engineer in a sometimes difficult field while trying to retain a certain sense of self and develop new skills and interests. I am a doer looking to do something worth my while.

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