Baby New Year… resolutions in baby steps.


On new year’s eve, we celebrated the coming of 2018 kid style, with my children and nieces, ages 6, 5, 3, 2, and 2 with balloons, confetti poppers, “kid wine” and cake even though it wasn’t anyone’s birthday.  All of the kids love singing happy birthday and blowing out candles, so at my nieces request, that is what we did.  And we sang happy new year to the fictitious “Baby New Year”.  This exercise seemed a little silly at the time but now 4 days into the new year when my resolutions have really had time to solidify in my mind, I think I am glad that we did, it signified a fresh start.

The Baby New Year or rebirth of the year is a great time to clear your mind and your plate of the past and refocus your energy towards the things that are most important to you.  This year I am choosing themes to guide me along my Road to 100 challenge, they are “Grace” and “Self-care”.  These are the goals I plan on reaching through themes of 100.


If you are the kind of person/mother/daughter/employee/friend that I am, this is a hard one for you.  Giving yourself the same amount of grace you would grant a stranger can be challenging.  I tend to be much more critical and hold higher expectations for myself than I do anyone else.  This year, I will cut myself some slack.  I will try to apologize unnecessarily less often (like when someone comes in my house and it’s a mess.)  I will not beat myself up if in fact, I am not giving 100% to everything in my purview.  I will be good enough for myself.


I know I am not alone in having shelved my personal needs in order to survive hard times.  When the number one goal is to keep your ship sailing, the little things (like showers, sleep, diet and exercise) tend to fall by the wayside.  It might be that I am thoroughly lodged in adulthood at this point, but years of putting myself last have finally caught up to me.  This year, I will dedicate a little more energy toward making time (and money) available for the things I need as a person to be able to continue to sail the ship.  Here’s to the goals; mind, body and spirit, striving for less stress and more fun.

Feel free to follow along and join me if you like, 2018 Baby, is going to be a good year!

Author: Razl

Wife. Mother. Daughter. Engineer. Writer. Planner. Momprenuer. Seeker. I am a mother to three beautiful children in my early thirties, married to Chris, and daughter to wonderful parents who live close, but not close enough. I am finding my way through being a woman engineer in a sometimes difficult field while trying to retain a certain sense of self and develop new skills and interests. I am a doer looking to do something worth my while.

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